Sunday, April 25, 2010


I should tell you... I am not normally an early riser. But that day was an exception. From Cebu, we took a cab very early in the morning, disturbing the birds lounging about looking for unsuspecting worms, and hurried to the nearby port to take a ferry into Bohol. It took about an hour or two and the bit of sea sickness I had was totally worth it when we finally arrived. We took a van to tour Bohol and it’s truly an awesome sight visiting the tourist spots! First stop, we saw the popular tarsier which may be one of the weirdest animals, because apart from being cute, you’re not supposed to touch or startle them because they have suicidal tendencies. They are said to be the smallest monkey in the world and can only be found in Bohol. Along the way, we dropped by the famous Chocolate Hills, the choco-mounds-like hills wherein you have to climb quite a lot of steps to view the breathtaking grandeur. Also worth visiting is the butterfly farm wherein we saw and even petted a few colorful and unique butterflies. What amazed me more is the Bilar man-made forest. It was said that the forest was created when former students of a local school each planted a tree on what now served as one of the top spots in Bohol. The uniformity of the height of the mahogany trees and the abrupt cooling of the temperature once you enter the forest makes it quite awesome. After touring these spots, we were famished so we headed to the Loboc River for the floating restaurant. On our way, we passed by the Loboc Church and I was a little curious because there was a bridge in front of it that was only half done. I was told that to complete the bridge, the centuries old Loboc church will need to be demolished. Luckily, that has been avoided. Rumor has it that this bridge was actually never to be built at all, but should serve as a cover-up for some scheme to funnel public money to private hands. Somehow, the scheme was thwarted, and the bridge got actually built.. Or at least half of it. Well anyway, I was excited with our river cruise so we chose from the choices of food offered and chose the first float that was to sail. It was relaxing to eat while floating through the river and listening to the band playing Filipino music. We even passed by some locals who performed Filipino cultural songs and dances. It took about an hour or two and although I enjoyed the ride, I was itching to get to the beach so we asked to be driven to our resort already. I love sand, I love the sun, I love beaches… But nothing compares to the beaches in Bohol! The sand was finer than milk, and the water was clear blue and sparkling. We stayed at the Dumaluan Beach Resort in Panglao which offers great rooms and amenities but a little on the costly side when it comes to food and water activities. Every muscle in my body sagged in relaxation as we sprawled around the beach under the cool shade of coconut trees listening to the lapping of the water and watching great bodies being flaunted about in beach wear. Much of the day was spent in complete relaxation and partying at night. All in all, Bohol is probably one of the best places to visit in the Philippines.

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  1. WOW BoHoL!!! my beloved province... i'm a proud Boholana!