Monday, April 26, 2010


I never thought I was into old museums and old churches until I went to Ilocos Norte. There were tons of old churches and relics that we visited, one of which was the Paoay Church. I actually thought it was very nice to get married in such a church with its grand structure and historical magnificence. Near this church however, there is a lake with a tragic and mysterious legend. It was said to be haunted and that every night a large bell could be seen underwater and fishermen would hear it clanging. And every year, the spirit underneath the lake takes a life offering, one of which has been the wife of the famous Farinias. I could not shake the gloom after we visited that lake. After that, we climbed through the Cape Bojeador lighthouse all the way up the wide and steep steps that are a smoker's nightmare. It sits on the hill of Vigia in Burgos creating a breathtaking view from the top of the lighthouse. It is a bit unfortunate then though that at noontime, the lighthouse could be scorching hot. However, being in Ilocos Norte the best sight to see are the Bangui windmills. We took lots of pictures as they were spectacular 70 meter-high structures not only made to create a spectacle but are very useful in accelerating the rural electrification of the goverment. Made by Marcos, no doubt that every Ilocano I spoke with in my short stay there have high regards to the family. Speaking of which, we also visited the marcos museum with his body preserved in wax. Unfortunately, cameras are prohibited inside and if you were so much as caught using one, it would be confiscated by the armed soldiers swarming the place. The place was complete with important letters, pictures, and memorabilias of the late president and even his old presidential chair. Right across the street can be found Imelda's abode where she was still said to retire at times. There were more places to visit like Fort ilocandia and MalacaƱang of the North but we were sadly lacking in time as our flight was scheduled for 7pm that night and we needed to check in at the airport at 5. we tiredly but exhilaratedly drove back to the airport to await our flight. Hoping that someday, we would be able to return with longer days to spend touring and more money to indulge.

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