Sunday, April 25, 2010


I was actually excited to visit Vigan because of the nice places to photograph especially Calle Crisologo. However, seeing as it is two hours away from Pagudpud where we stayed the night, I wasn't about to photograph Crisologo at sunset if we were to catch our flight at 5pm.. So we went there at lunch and ate at Cafe Leona, a Spanish inspired (actually, the whole town is in Spanish setting) with totally antique furnitures. Even the oven seemed to be a hundred years old. People there were totally friendly and welcoming and walking down that cobble-stoned street gives you a feeling of unreality and poignancy. It takes you back to the Spanish era and It makes you want to blend in and wear your patadyong or something. Although the Kalesa (horse-driven carriages) has become a rarity, there were tons around adding to the "spanish" feel of the place. It was delightful that even fast food chains like Mcdonalds had spanish terraces and chairs. All around us were different arts and crafts that displayed the artistic talents of Filipinos which you could also purchase for pasalubong. If you're looking for delicacies, you should buy the delectable brownies and bibingka at Marsha's or Tongson's coupled with the tupik, which is a a sticky rice with sugar concoction placed inside a bamboo. Other delicacies are okoy, chichacorn, longganisa and empanada (which was filled with the
longganisa and mostly sold as street food). Next on our itinerary was the pottery making. We watched as experienced craftsmen produce masterpieces from rubble and were even allowed to try to make one ourselves. However, I just managedto put dirt in my hands and voila, rubble it still is. Afterwards, we continued on and ended up in Baluarte, one of the best zoos I've ever been in. Sporting animals from regular farm birds to rare llamas, white tigers, ostriches and camels.. it truly was amazing. Always opting to go to the beach during vacations, it truly is refreshing to visit such a place as Vigan which is truly unique and tells so much of our culture. I would truly look forward to my next visit.

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