Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Believe in yourself!

When you make a mistake, you curse yourself to the ground.  When a friend betrays you, you are crushed and completely devastated. When you are hit by a set back, you decidedly quit altogether.  And that's it.  End of the world.  But look again...  Life goes on.  One thing's for sure, the past is gone.  No one can relieve it nor get it back.  As much as the happiness and the triumphs of the past are gone, so are the failures and the pain.  All behind us.  If you will choose to dwell on the pain and insist on nursing your depression, you will waste your present and destroy all chances of building a better future.  Pain, depression, fear, anger...  These negative forces can render the most optimistic person doubtful of his strengths and capabilities.  This is where positive thinking comes in.  No amount of money, training, genetics, prayer, or persuasion can move a man to do something he thinks he can't do.  Have faith in yourself.  This is the core of what you have going for you.  Trust yourself to remain true to your feelings, steadfast in your desire to reach your goals, and determined to never settle for second best.  Believe in yourself.  So that whatever life throws at you, you can catch it with strength of spirit and you can come back wiser and more at peace with yourself. 

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