Sunday, December 26, 2010

The cynic

You look at me..
What do you see?
Am I someone real? Or just a phony?
And is this world that surrounds me
A world of laughter? or despondency?
Smiling through a thousand tears
Plagued with uncertainty and fears
Dreaming of things that can never be
This someone, that hides inside of me
The darkness overcomes
And the questions remain
That search for someone
Always lead to shame and pain
But it changed, I could suddenly see
Into the night, you came over me
Like the tide, washing away my tears
A savior... to cure my years
But just as I knew... shadows never go
Days always turn to nights
And always, happiness turn to woes
And now, I know the pain
With these wounds that would never heal again
I'll always be outside... just looking in
And never again would I let them win.

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