Sunday, December 26, 2010


You know it can never be real
But still, why do you wish it?
You know it can never be true
And still, why do you hope for it?
Love is a gamble
And it is always a game
There is always a winner
And in the end, you lose all the same
Yet here you are again
Standing right next to him
Someone so perfect... Someone so great
Something you want so badly to win.
He doesn't know, and you can never tell him
For if you do, the magic might stop
And you cannot face reality
Because the fantasy is all you've got.
So you go on with the deception
You go on with your game
You tell yourself there might come a time
Someday, he might feel the same.
And eventually, the wind will pass
And with it he'll move on
As always, you'll be left longing
As always, you'll be left alone.
And you wonder if it's worth it
To start this fantasy that soon will end
Will you treasure these moments
Knowing someday you'll be left alone to mend?
But I'm too weak to fight
Too weak to continue struggling
And so I continue to love him
Just hoping someday I'd stop dreaming...

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