Sunday, December 26, 2010

for you my friend..

Standing by the shore
The waves churning beneath us
The sun bids goodbye
As the shadow of the night fills the sky
You held my hand...
I watched the beauty of your face
Emanating strong masculinity
Of quiet strength
And childish vulnerability
Locked in nostalgia
Of times spent together
Good times.. cherished moments
Of shared tears and laughter
Picking me up
When I fall down and cry
Making me smile
When everyone bids goodbye
You held my hand then
As you do now
Sharing me your love
Giving me your vow
Your promise of friendship
OF forever... together
Your promise of trust
Of leaving me never
I see you now
As I saw you then
My only truth
My only strength
My only love
My dearest friend
Suddenly, she called your name
And we both know soon, it wouldn't be the same
Reluctantly, you turned her way
And I desperately wanted you to stay
I watched you walk away
Filled with pain... full of hurt
I whispered softly, " I love you".
If only you had heard.

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