Sunday, December 26, 2010

forbidden love

In secret we met
In silence I grieve
Your whispered goodbye
Like a knell in my ear
Thy cheeks went cold
And paler thine skin
That hour foretold
Both hearts sorrowful... saturnine.
Two people parted
Filled with guilt, full of tears
With hearts both haunted
Compelled to part for years
Both vows barely broken
Suddenly, I heard thy name
Our two broken souls met again
Both sharing in our shame
They know not I know thee
Know thee too well
Long, long, shall I love thee
Too deeply to tell
Hearts longing for the other
Must not love, destined to sever
Both hearts promised to others
Bound in our vows forever
For if thou were half a man
And if my essence I lack
We would have freely loved
And beckoned the other back
A love so true and pure
But could never be
A love to hold in our hearts
To cherish in our memory
And if ever I should meet again
After long, long years
How must I greet thee?
In silence and with tears.

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