Sunday, December 26, 2010

I love you more

Deep in your eyes there's a promise
I am yours and you are mine
Yet something inside me kept saying
Don't trust your heart this time
I have found my way to find you
And still, something's very wrong
I'm so afraid to take a chance again
That I can't just go along
Am I so betrayed
That my heart can never be the same?
I've run from love so long
Could my mind be playing games?
Help me look past these shadows in my mind
So it's the truth that I could see
Let me feel what it's like to feel again
And break these callouses off of me
We're worlds apart, we're not the same
And you play the game, I know
That it scares me to let my feelings show
And so afraid to let it grow
Yet I haven't the choice
I must keep my feelings strong
That I may, in some way
Someday find your song
I can't find my way out
Fearing it'll be as before
And yet somehow, I've learned to accept
That I was made.. to love you more.

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