Sunday, December 26, 2010

if you don't love me

With dreams dreamt by fools
I am caught up in yesterday
Reality and fantasy
These memories from far away
A mind littered with broken dreams
And the madness of having you
A heart filled with wishes
That never quite came true
I detest myself for being weak
Cursing fate for being unkind
For you being so near
Knowing you can't ever be mine
But when I feel the emptiness
And when all my hopes are dying
Again, I would think of you
And my love would keep me trying
But I've done all I could
And everything I thought I couldn't
I am the measure of fools
Hoping for things I know I shouldn't
I hoped that someday you'd feel the same
Even if for now you just won't
But you just can't teach your heart to love me
Because you can't...  if you really don't.

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