Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'm sorry

I'm sorry I can't love you
I'm sorry I can't care
I'm sorry if I don't miss you
Even when you're not there
I'm sorry to forget easily
The things that we have shared
I'm sorry not to think about
The things you do or how you fared
I know you tried to reach me
And tried to make me care
I'm sorry I didn't have that part of me
For you that I could share
I'm sorry if I'm happy
And in not knowing that you cried
I'm sorry if I couldn't see
The pain you suffer and tears you hide
I'm sorry I chose the other
The one with the perfect smile
And I didn't give you a moment
Nor notice you even awhile
These are words I wish you'd utter
The reality I wish weren't true
The truth that left me knowing
That I could never be for you.

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