Thursday, December 23, 2010

infinite void

Looking out at the horizon
I sat in silence
Waiting for the tears to come
Laying down my defense
Trying to conjure
Imaginary shadows
Thinking of reasons
And creating fears and woes
Thinking of concrete explanations
For this grievance... This loneliness
Confused in crying over nothing
Not knowing the root of this emptiness
For the someone one has never known
Why then would one cry?
For something one never had
How could one say goodbye?
For the absence of love
A thing I've never known
A thing I've never felt
Yet wish for one that I could own
Am I then to be judged as crazy
For my sorrow caused by nothing?
Without a real cause, real problems
Without real reasons for crying?
And now I ask myself, "which is better?"
A heart spurned but later mends?
Or this life I lead filled with serenity
But with an emptiness that never ends...

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