Sunday, December 26, 2010

is it you?

Here I am again
At the brink of love
Fearing the unknown
The magic that rules the heart
Tell me stranger
Is it love we'll find
Is this need in our hearts
Or just in our minds?
You know I'm yours for the asking
If you're asking for true love
Although there's one thing I ask of you
Please, this time, don't break my heart
Hoping you'll understand
How it grows stronger.. more and more
So many things I ache to say
So please don't close your doors
I've kept my dreams of you and me
Kept my feelings deep inside
Although afraid, I pray
That you could see it in my eyes
To my heart and my soul
I'll give you the key
I can give you my all
Just please... don't let go of me.

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