Sunday, December 26, 2010

it's tough being me

It's tough to be me, no one really knows
What it's really like, this is how it goes
Waking up every morning
Staring into this face
Telling myself I'm a winner
All the while feeling disgrace
You get up because you must
And dress up to face a world
A world full of vultures
A world so big your efforts' blurred
A world where love rules everything
But which only the beauties could win
And in all these, if you don't fit in
You become butts of jokes and words obscene
You would try your best
And you would give your all
But in the end you'd still lose
And another would have it all
All these times I get so low
When I think of this world that I am in
But then I realize, it really isn't so bad
If I think how my life has been
Sometimes I wonder
Where to go and who to talk to
I would feel lost
And wouldn't know what to do
And then I would think,
"I'm not the only one with troubles to deal with"
To hell with everybody
I still have so much to do and give
It's tough to be me, sometimes life's not fair
Sometimes I'd wish for somewhere to go
And sometimes I'd wish for someone to care
But though it's tough being me
I know God has His reasons for this dare
So in surpassing them we can shine like jewels...
Precious and rare.

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