Sunday, December 26, 2010

It's you!

I woke up
With a strange taste in my mouth...
... It was you.
I inhaled you cologne
Used your shampoo
So anywhere, I'd be with you
One day I borrowed your shirt
And then I went to work
People kept on saying, "where'd you get that shirt?
It really isn't you."
I said, "ofcourse it is!"
But that wasn't really true.
... It was you.
Having lunch with a friend
We got into an argument
She asked where I got that attitude
And I said it was new
But that wasn't new...
... It was you.
God, it's you
And here I go again
I hear the trumpets blow
I'm happy again.. I'm all aglow
Taking a chance on hurt...
Taking a chance on love...
Taking a chance for you.

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