Sunday, December 26, 2010

last song

You looked my way and smiled
So I took the chance
To feel you near for just a while
Even for just one dance
I held on to your sleeve
As my heart kept on hoping
Longing you were mine to keep
Even though it's wishful thinking
For a moment, you were mine to hold
To embrace and cherish
I just let my eyes close
And just listen to you breathe
Just let me savor your hands
As it lay on my waist
Let me drown in those eyes
Rest my fingers on your nape
I could stay this way for eternity
Dance in your arms for good
Doesn't matter if you want me
Doesn't matter if I should
For a moment, I was swept away
Filled with music and happiness
Content that somehow, someway
You held me and caressed
My heart was shattered
I was frozen through time
For suddenly, you whispered a name
A name that wasn't mine
But then I thought... neither are you.
So please, just hold me, for a minute or two
just until this last song ends
Maybe then, I'll remember
You belong to someone else.

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