Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Let's count our blessings

At the most desperate moment, when I feel that things can't get any worse, in that darkest hour of hopelessness, I take a deep breath and echo in my head what my mom always says, " count your blessings".  But how do you count your blessings when you just lost your job?  Have no money in the bank? Just lost the love of your life?  Found out your loved one is terminal?  How then could you muster the strength to count your blessings?  These are the perfect times for us to focus on the good things we have.  The pain or dilemma might not go away but it gives us a better perspective of the situation, calm our nerves, think clearly, and act on the problem.  When I feel that the world is caving in and my tears of hopelessness are just about to fall, I look at my hands, stretch my fingers, and start to count my blessings.  I can talk...  I can see...  I have a family...  I have lots of friends...  I am whole and I can cope with this minor setback.  Try it...  In your darkest hour, at the height of a most unfortunate situation, count your blessings...  and begin with your fingers.

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