Sunday, December 26, 2010

Life's questions

They say love takes time
But who could ever say?
Who are we to know
For love moves in its own way
We love, we get hurt
Then we are never the same
And we wonder, is there really love?
Or is it all a twisted game?
We ask a million questions
But never seem to get an answer
We wait a lifetime for that someone
But is that someone really there?
Only few remain to hope
And only few would still believe
Most of us received our wounds
But few are left with love to give
We are taught that these are tests
The trials to make us tough
But is there ever an end
Who's there to say we've had enough?
We know we would only lose
But it's easier to succumb to bitterness
For how could we find the strength to fight
If in every loss...  we love ourselves less?

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