Thursday, December 23, 2010

nothing more without you

I saw you laughing
Having fun with your friends
Your eyes were shining
Like the sun's light that never ends
Then your eyes turned my way
And without words being spoken
Your lips gave a smile
And all my fears were broken
Time was suspended
And it's only you I could see
A billion people all around us
But right then, it's just you and me.
With the world's noise all over us
And no matter how loud
Among all of those people
Your drowned out the crowd.
And in that fleeting moment
In that borrowed time
I savored the feeling
Of you being mine
But time must move on
And I must face what's true
I closed my eyes and hoped
That when they open, I'd still find you
But as they did
It is as I've known
The moment was broken
And time has moved on
The dream was over
The fantasy was through
I am now again just me
Just.. nothing.. without you.

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