Sunday, December 26, 2010

our promise

To the pilot of my dreams
The ace of my heart
To the joy of my life
The one I loved from the start
To the bright sun and the light
Of my soul at dawn
To the bright star like the love
Only you and I own
You were every dance
I have ever missed
Worth all the guys
I have never kissed
Every tear I've ever shed
Every wrong path I've ever led
Every valentines I've been alone
Every man I've loved and gone
Every cruelty that came my way
Every pain I had to pay
Every chance that came to pass
And those happiness that never last
Every dream that's always shattered
In losing something that had mattered
Thank you for filling
The puzzles of my heart
Thank you for giving me
Your soul, your love, your guard
Remember that the love
That keeps us together
Was a promise made
To be kept forever...

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