Wednesday, December 22, 2010

puerto galera

Are you a little low on cash? thinking of the beach? of partying all night long? well puerto galera is the place to be! I've actually been there a number of times and I never went back home disappointed. The last time I've been there, my friends and I met in Ortigas around 10am and took a cab bound to Buendia for the bus terminal. Wrong wrong move! We were assailed by all kinds of road jam. But once there, we rode the bus for the Batangas pier and from then on, our trip went smoothly. 2 hrs from Buendia, we were dropped off Batangas pier and were bombarded by various shipping line ticket sellers.

We bought tickets from the first ferry scheduled to sail (brian shipping lines) and hurried aboard. In all fairness to brian shipping lines, their ferry is sizeable and you would actually feel secure in addition to the life jackets and able-looking crew. I was a little apprehensive because it was already hours past noon and I was thinking that it would be a bumpy and wavy ride. To add to the apprehension, I just read the news the day before about ferries sinking amid these waters which quite fairly, may be shark infested (according to my neurotic mind atleast). But luckily, I was distracted by good company and snapping of photos that after what seems awhile (1 1/2 hours at least) , we arrived in white beach.

It was moderately crowded and as we embarked, I could see the curly-haired maong-wearing girl that was to be our lodge guide. We stayed at HSL beach resort (formerly Lagundian Hills) which was a great idea since aside from being cheap, clean, and having attentive employees, it is a bit remote from the bars but still at the beach front that if we prefer a little quiet time, we'll have our solace.

We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights. We spend the days lolling around the beach, delving into the waters... Exploring the island ( well, the Tamaraw falls at least) and trying out the water rides (they offer snorkeling, banana boats, jet ski, parasailing, etc..).

The nights are oozing with alcohol and it is when we whoop it up and party. The bars and the parties are actually the main things that attract tourists especially the young to Puerto Galera, making it an affordable version of Boracay. We sampled the mindoro sling which is actually just gin and pomelo.. The kind of drink in which one minute you're okay, the next you seem like knocking at death's door.

I also enjoy the food in puerto galera because aside from being cheap, most of it are barbecued.

On that third day just a little past noon, we rode the ferry back to Batangas pier. It is really a very enjoyable place and being a beach aficionada, I plan on coming back.. well, once a year atleast.

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