Sunday, December 26, 2010


We were sitting by the window pane
And I know...  It will never be the same again
He looked out, at the skies above
Then he looked at me, whispered softly,
"It looks like rain"
I turned so he won't see

The tears fall from my face
I tell myself it's not meant to be
It's time to cut the chase
As drop by drop, the water splatters

Drumming on the roof, unto the gutters
He quietly hummed their song
In the rhythm of the rain, he droned on and on...
I struggled to shut out the sound
To shut out the feelings inside
The love, only in him I found
Washed away by the rain... carried by the tide
He reaches for the guitar at his feet
Slowly strumming, he murmurs her name
He smiles as each note meets
Not knowing with each strum, my soul cries in pain
The time has come, the time I most fear
And I tried to smile, in vain
I whispered softly so he doesn't hear...
"yes, it feels like rain".

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