Thursday, December 23, 2010

say goodbye

He's the only one to do it
that in just hearing his name
My heart would beat faster
And slower all the same
But I have lost myself
To someone who can never be mine
I had lost... I am defeated
By a memory lost in time
But in his every memory
And in my every dream
Would come the pain...
Another moment I'd spend with him.
I kept on fighting... kept on hoping
Tried holding on so tough
But I have to face it... He's gone
And memories shouldn't be enough
I don't know who I am without him
For I am half of what I've been
And here I am, left in between
What is true and just a dream.
And all these nights, I close my eyes
Should I just leave it this way?
For it's the only time that he is mine
The only way to make him stay
There's another in his heart
Someone else in his memory
Someone who owns all his dreams
With nothing more left for me
And in this day's last hours
As I lay down my bed
I vow to block out the feelings
And hear the voices inside my head
Voices that kept saying
Stop these tears that you now shed
Stop the love from your weakened heart
And let it whisper goodbye instead.

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