Sunday, December 26, 2010


I gazed into your eyes far away
My doubt giving way
To a feeling so strong
But which I know is wrong
I was frozen on my tracks
Confused of the jumbled feelings coming back
I searched your eyes for answers
But then, they darted back to hers
A cue that snapped me back to reality
And the painful realization, that it can't be real for me.
Though I've never loved so honestly
You remain far from veracity
Two people alike... you and me
But with divergent songs... diverse destinies..
Closing my eyes.. I see your vision dance in me
And that way you are mine.. even just through fantasy
And this haunts me..
Knowing you're not mine... and never will be.
But I go on.. and find the life for me
I go on.. and search for another melody
But forever, there is a place
In my heart, a part is yours always
And still, I'd hope for the day
That day you'll come again my way
I'll just be here, waiting to love you
If only you would come to love me too..

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