Sunday, December 26, 2010


I fall silent into this melancholy
Hoping an end to this misery
As shattered pieces of you
Is what is now left in me
I've seen a million raindrops fall
But the answers are so few
I find nothing to suffice this desire
Still haunted by memories of you
You're beyond the reach of just a friend
So I quench my thirst of love with pain
And I subject myself to grief
Just to be with you again
I basked in your memory
As tears fall from my eyes
In hopes that I might find you
I soar the darkest of skies
I am now just a quarter
Of what I used to be
Yet a small part of you is all I need
To make myself feel complete
Now as I retire myself once more
I hope to lay my mind in peace
But in this coming dawn, I wake
And I find... You're still with me.

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