Sunday, December 26, 2010

Too much

I was there to have fun
But then I saw you
You were something I didn't plan
A longing I never knew
Days passed
And this feeling grew
I became restless
Wishing for even a small part of you
I vowed never again to fall
But with you I'm at my weakest
Content with even a little glance
Would even have settled for less
You're so near, yet so far
For when I stretch my arms I could almost reach you
But you don't even know I exist
Don't even know I'm here loving you
I know I'm fooling myself
Know you're just a dream, a wish, a prayer
And that only when I close my eyes
Could you be with me forever
And now it hurts so much to see
How you're happy with your life without me there
And in your eyes I see my longing
But it's a longing you feel for her
And no matter what she lacks
The million things she might not have
I'd still give everything just to be her
Because she's the one who has your love
And I have to be content
Even if only from afar do I watch
And I have to be okay in loving you
Even if it's a little bit too much.

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