Sunday, December 26, 2010

the unloved

As I remember old times
I wish I could pretend
To be that carefree someone
And have that innocence again
But my heart and eyes were opened
And I can never go back
I must face the painful trials
And fight to keep myself intact
Yet it gets harder and harder to fight
My demons that lie within
Fighting for them, fighting for love
Knowing I won't ever win
There is always the shame
There is always the fear
There is always my voice
That no one ever hears
Why isn't there someone
To hold me when I cry?
Why is there no one
To protect me from the night?
Would this lonely solitude
Remain forever the same
Won't the sun ever shine
Always the coldness, always the rain?
I always ask myself, "why am I lonely?"
Though I have the world and I am free
Is it because I don't love myself enough?
Or just because I'm the only one who does?

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