Thursday, December 23, 2010

was it real?

I sat here thinking
About a memory
Passed by new memories, passed by time
But still kept deep within me
A memory of a boy, a special someone
Of a chance that slipped by
Of the only love I have ever had
The same love that he denied
The only one whom for me was real
Who planted the scars into my soul
That never again was I ever the same
And never again was I ever whole
The boy I measured everyone against
And with whom I gave my all
The someone I thought would love me forever
The same one who failed me and let me fall
I knew it was just wishful thinking
He's just a dream that was almost real
But almost is not enough
Coz here I am alone.. He's not here still
That whom I considered once as mine
Was someone I could never have
And that what he gave before
Were just lies and never love
And now I ask, was mine real love?
Or are my tears just for my pride?
Can I ever go past these wounds?
Or must I forever hide?

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