Sunday, December 26, 2010

who I am is you

Here I am... Lost...
Feeling uninvited...
A feeling of superfluous vulnerability
With emotions unwanted
Lost in a world
Bombarded with ill intentions
Lost in a self
Filled with chaotic sensations
Asking for guidance, needing strength
Unsure of what's to come
Asking help, needing love
Unsure of who I am
And you are the someone
The someone to save me from my fall
The one I prayed for and more
With whom I'm ready to give my all
Find me in my world and make me
Teach me and never let me go
Mold me.. and hold me
And if there's nothing else to make me whole
then go ahead and take me...
Go ahead and break me...
So that you can remake me
Into what you think I should be
For with you I have the chance
With you I can be free
Free to not be me
But what you'd want me to be...

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