Sunday, December 26, 2010


I vowed never again
To give my heart away
Because the price of love
Is too high to pay
But you made me forget
The mistakes I once made
And I think you are worth
The risk I have to take
I adore your face, your smile, your stance
And prayed to God to give me a chance
A chance to show you all that I feel
And this dream... to make it real
But slowly.. I realized
As you looked into her eyes
That it's only a fantasy
For precious you to care for simple me
But I never give up... I still try
Because I can't seem to say goodbye
And here I am lying to myself
Can't accept this love's for someone else
Now I'm here... Wishing on a star tonight
Not for success, nor riches in life
But what my wish could only be
Is just for you to wish for me.

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