Sunday, December 26, 2010

you won't send me roses

You won't send me roses
Nor remember which dress I wore
You loathe hugs and caresses
You won't even hold open the door
Lacking a romantic soul
Your mind is much too in control
You've a fast -paced life and temper's cross
And with romantic words..  you're at a loss
People tried to warn me, now their warnings I heed
For now I know, with you, forgetting birthdays is guaranteed
In you I could find things like guts and nerve
But not the kind of things that I deserve
A true song with real melody
Someone who shows how he really loves me
You always tell me you need the time...  need the energy
To be that person you've always dreamed to be
And I know it's not your fault, for with you it's inbred
So I just have to be strong, and must keep my head.
And if you should love me, please let me be the last to know
For I might settle for less...  For the care you can barely show
And while there's still a fighting chance,
I must turn around and go.
For you won't send me roses..
... and roses suit me so.

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