Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Antipolo is one of the nicest place near the Metro to visit, whether to hang out on the popular bars dotted along the city, chill out on coffee shops overlooking the great view, or visiting the numerous resorts the city has to offer.  I've been to Antipolo countless times,one of which was to visit the Villa Cristina resort which I could say is a disappointing experience. It was very fortunate that I had really enjoyed the company I was with or I might consider the outing as a waste of time and money. We checked in for an overnight stay then and it was indeed a big place and has a nice view overlooking the whole metro since Antipolo is set in high altitude. The view was indeed astounding, but the pools are not as great as I expected and were only open until 11pm. They only have about 3 pools, big in size but are not very clean when we got there.
The hotel rates were reasonable, though I have to say that the hotel room is not very clean, the toilet bowl is stained, and the shower floors are not as presentable as others I have seen. The bed sheets are not as “white” too. I felt as if there was something in the sheets that kind of made me feel itchy at times. Not to be too demanding, but the first thing I noticed was that the room is not very spacious, there was no television, the cabinets were not clean because we found some tissue left-over when we opened them.
Talking about the resort, it is clean as a whole, leaving out the details of the hotel rooms of course. The cottages would have been a great place if you are not very particular where you would be able to leave your things unattended. As a whole, the Villa Christina Resort and Hotel is an acceptable place to relax, enjoy the view and be with good friends, but more preferable for a day tour excursion.

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