Saturday, February 26, 2011

beauty or brains?

If you were given the choice, would you choose to be beautiful but dense? Or an ugly genius?  What is really more essential in life?  Would it that this question be asked in a beauty pageant, the typical answer would be that the mind makes a person seem more beautiful.  But does society in actuality really believe this?  Beauty impels attention, but so does a bright mind.  Jobs demanding beauty are as well paid as jobs requiring intelligence.  People make fun of physical flaws but also look down on idiocy.  Maybe on that score, an idiot may be less affected because he does not understand the mockery he's being subjected to.  As a result, he has less reason to acquire insecurities and self-doubts.  But on the other hand, being beautiful instigates vanity whereas quick thinking and wit endears a person to others. So which then is better?  Being dumb enough and not knowing you're the butt of jokes or being too smart thus assimilating just how your ugliness matters?  Pretty ugly pictures of each right?  Both may be positive traits but encourage intimidation and negativity.  Maybe that is why there is a balance to life.  A lot of white is overly bright whereas an abundance of black gives darkness.  So next time you see a gorgeous girl or an Einstein replica, don't go pointing at the heavens and cursing fate...  Think a moment...  Everything at the extreme is detrimental. =)

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