Saturday, February 26, 2011

how do I talk to women?

Are you the type of person who blanks out when faced with your crush?  Do you sweat like crazy when a woman you like sits next to you in a bar?  Unlike popular opinion, it's actually pretty easy to approach women and  initiate conversation. The problem is being able to continue the conversation and get them interested  in what you have to say.   As you probably know, once you  run out of things to say, the conversation is finished!  Bye bye romance... Potential lovelife... poof!  So what's the solution?  Well the truth is it's simple to find topics of conversation. All you have to do is ask a woman a few questions about herself then relate them to stories from your own life.  As you probably know, women LOVE interesting and funny stories. You can take advantage of this trait by relating events from your past and tying them up to her own experiences. The best way to get started is to craft your own stories.  No matter what your life has been like at this point, you've probably had atleast a few interesting stories.  The important thing is to put a humorous and higher status slant on each story.  A great story should follow the same format and presentation as a great joke.   Obviously your goal is to craft these stories WELL before you meet women. In fact, practice them enough so you can build drama and humor each time you tell them.  Now when you're talking to a woman, you can literally "fish" for conversation topics. Simply ask women questions about her background and interests. Then look for topics which you can relate to one of your stories. All you have to do is demonstrate the common thread between your experiences and her life.  This type of conversation works well because you're relating something from your own life to something she has done. Furthermore if you tell your story well, you can demonstrate core traits like humor and high status.  In addition, since you're making a connection to a shared interest, it'll increase your chances of developing rapport. It's human nature to like people who are similar to ourselves. So a woman will like you because your stories will show how much you have in common.  So if you want to increase your conversation success, then I recommend you craft a few interesting stories from your own life. Then when you first meet a woman, you can latch on to her experiences and relate them to the exciting things you've done in your life.  Ofcourse, nobody likes a liar and women can smell miscreants so you must tell real stories about you because anything less and you would be cheating yourself in finding the right woman for you .  You may not know it, but maybe that woman you’ll sit beside the bus next time might be THE one and you would want to be ready for it.

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