Sunday, February 13, 2011

island cove

Looking for someplace near the metro where you can unwind, take a dip, play some billiards, see some animals, pedal around and party at night?  Well I have just the place. Island Cove in Kawit Cavite.  Living in Cavite, I've been on this resort thousands of times and never get tired of it.  As I've mentioned, there are so many things to do and this place is perfect for family gatherings, partying with friends, or plain just escaping the stressful everyday life.  There are the swimming pools, sports hall, zoo, bike rentals, ktv, bar, spa, fishing village... multitude of attractions that lure both local and foreign tourists.  There are 3 big pools that are well maintained and when you've visited the pool area, you can enter the zoo free of charge.  The zoo consists of different wild animals and occupies a vast area that the resort offers electric-operated vehicles to aid guests while sight seeing. Guests often also opt to rent bicycles to tour the zoo.  There is also the sports hall where you can play billiards, darts, bowling, or rent equipments for volleyball, tennis, basketball, table tennis..etc. For complete relaxation, there is also the superb spa and masseuse treatment place which really does have a very soothing ambiance.  Of course for us Filipinos who just loooove singing, there is a KTV bar with very updated songs and offering the most delicious pizza and different snacks.  However, the best part for me is the fishing village composed of floating nipa huts built smack in the middle of the sea where you can eat sumptuous food. This is a sure hit especially with the foreigners who would love to eat by the sea while being given the expression of our culture through the food and Filipino singers roaming around and playing Filipino cultural songs. Prices are affordable, however, food cannot be brought in and there are appropriate corkage fees. At night, you can watch different bands perform while having drinks and enjoying the breeze.  Quite a lot to do in a day's time.  More than worth the trouble of an hour's drive from Manila don't you think?

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