Friday, February 25, 2011


People regard jobs in different perspectives.  Most people see it as a means to earn money. Some to find fulfillment... Some to have power...  And for some lucky few born in the higher echelons of life, to just pass the time.  For most of us lucky enough to have the means to finish our studies and get degrees, landing a decent job is the ultimate goal of the years we've spent studying our asses off.  As a student, I did my best to earn good grades but never really grasped the idea of the "real world" looming at the end of my university life.  The "real world" is full of the pressures of proving yourself, of competition, of politics in the workplace and diverse people with conflicting interests.  In our country, where job opportunities are scarce and two out of three Filipinos are unemployed, you go through rejections and disappointments that the weak of heart would surely concede defeat.  Cutthroats meander the corporate world that you always have to be at the top of your game and be steadfast in your goals.  You work your hardest but still sometimes you get beaten.  You move on, work even harder, and learn.  Until the time comes when your efforts are rewarded.  It is the sweetest thing to receive a raise for a job well done;  to be praised by superiors for great performance; to earn the respect of your colleagues; to simply reap the fruits after a tough grind.  People often say, "it is only a job".  But our jobs define us.  Our performances, our goals, our drive, our priorities define who we are and how we view life itself.  It does not matter what kind of job you have or how much money you earn but the important thing is how your job makes you feel and how a job molds you as a person.  Two persons who earn little may be molded by a job differently.  One may stay content and one might be motivated to strive harder.  One may hate serving others and one might be honored by it.  How you view your job defines you.  That is why it is important to find your niche.  Find something you know you're good at and somewhere you know you would be happy in.  A job is not viewed as work if you enjoy what you're doing and feel duly rewarded and "seen" for your efforts.

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