Sunday, February 13, 2011


Okay, so my office mates and I have been planning on going away for the weekend for how many months now and nothing has come of it.  Finally, the day has come and we decided to go to Laiya Batangas because it is more accessible and only about 3-4 hours ride tops right? Wrong.  We rented a van in Ortigas to drive us straight to San Juan Batangas and from there, we could take the jeep into the resort.  It took us 5-6 hours because of heavy traffic, a god-awful jeepney driver who waited until every last ounce of space of the vehicle has been filled and who overcharged us when we asked to rent the whole jeep,  and taking another jeep that traversed into very rocky and dusty roads.  We finally arrived before sunset on Sabangan Resort.  The place itself was quite small and simple.  We had a little trouble with the accommodation because there's been a mix up with the reservations.  Thinking that I would implode any moment due to frustration, the owner finally made special arrangements and we were given the cottage with a kitchen.  It was fun mostly because of the company but I must say that I am very disappointed with the beach and resort itself.  The beach was not pure white and cluttered with fishing boats and gear.  That day, we went to the nearby market to buy supplies and food, cooked our dinner and relaxed.  We amused ourselves by playing cards, singing songs on the videoke machine and having some drinks.  I got a bit flustered because I have this weird fear of reptiles and there are tons of lizards milling about and I kept hearing the dreadful sound of "tuko!" by the trees.  It was a very unsettling night for me.  The next day, we went snorkeling and island hopping. It was great!  The water was clear with many colorful fishes.  We spent our day lolling by the beach and visiting other resorts like La Luz, which was really very beautiful and has a rather well maintained beach front.  We took our dinner that day on the nearby resort and the prices are quite affordable.  The morning after, we went to the barangay municipal hall to hire a guide and explore the mountains.  We were planning on seeing the Naambon Falls which was said to be the source of electricity of the town.  We walked for about 30 mins from the municipal hall to the foot of the mountain and it was really a very humid day.  The trek up the mountain was a bit tricky since there is no definite trail and a very narrow dirt path of which one misstep leads to a hundred foot drop.  I have slept very little, had a bit of a hangover, and have become dehydrated.  No wonder that just when we were nearing the falls, I became really dizzy and had to stop by the shade.  A few minutes more and we reached the falls.  Very thin falls I must say.  Other more experienced climbers continue on to reach the peak of Mt Daguldol.  The trek back down was trouble-free and we went back on a more sedate pace.  It was still early by the time we got back, so after eating lunch, we decided to snorkel and island hop again and see the other sights we missed the first time.  We strolled along the islands, and took pictures.  Going back to our resort, we passed by other groups having parties and bonfires.  It was an amazing weekend even with the mishaps.  You just have to pick a good resort, in this case, I must suggest La Luz.  But all in all,  Laiya is a good place for relaxation and a quick get away...  Excluding the reptiles of course.

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