Wednesday, February 23, 2011


There are many resorts and must-sees in Batangas and one place earning more popularity is Lobo.  The place is accessible and just about 2-3 hour drive from Manila.  You can loll about beaches with flesh-white sand and clear waters.  Though only a few barrios have unearthed the beauty of its shorelines, the coastline of Sawang, Malabrigo, Olo-Olo and Soloc are where pleasant beaches can be found.  Far from the daily pressure of your work, you can put in some adventure to that busy lifestyle as you visit the far and beyond viewing the beautiful shoreline and sceneries aboard motor bancas that are available for rent.  Certain beaches are suitable for snorkeling, diving and underwater photography.  About fifteen meters from the seaboard, water is clear, and one can view a fish at knee-deep waters. Different sea creatures can be sighted at shallow waters. Flying fish hopping in harmony is a common spectacle.  Although the roads leading to Lobo are bumpy, and resorts in the area are quite undeveloped, one should consider visiting Lobo as a perfect retreat for beach lovers aiming for a quiet break.

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