Saturday, February 26, 2011

Love on the internet?

Online dating is big business, and growing more and  more in credibility every year. Surveys claim that 50% of single people believe they will meet a suitable partner this way. The stain from dating agencies seems to have gone, and more people are attracted by the advantages of online dating. This type of dating provides the privacy to look around from the comforts of their own home and not needing to go to an actual dating agency office, which in turn would take a lot of courage.  Of course, there are many areas of life in which the internet seems to be taking over like classified ads in selling cars, finding houses, and planning holidays. But the boom in online dating is not simply a more efficient and flexible way of doing things that we would otherwise have done. It reflects an essential shift in how people are encouraged to think about their personal relationships and organize their personal lives... with intimacy acted out in public and subject to the norms one might associate with buying a car, a house, or a holiday.  The fashion for finding “love online” represents a redefinition of what we mean by “love”. No longer is love a spontaneous emotion, an extraordinary state of being, a necessary evil on the path to self-fulfillment. Rather, it is remolded as a therapeutic practice...  Something to be planned and managed in the way one might plan and manage one's career, in the awareness that it might not last forever and moving on is no bad thing.  People seeking love online might not be looking to develop an emotional CV, but that is what the process sells them.  Search a guy, interview, and hire.

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