Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I never understood why people love camping.  You forego the simple comforts of a nice bathroom, of the easy way you cook food atop the stove, and the softness of a real bed.  These are the very reasons I decided to take a day tour trip instead of sleeping over as my office mates have planned when we went to Majayjay Falls.  I've never heard of it but I was told it was quite famous.  Little did I know, the trip takes up half a day, one way.  We had to take a long bus ride and two short jeepney rides.  By the time we got there, it was already past noon and we still have to take the twenty-minute hike into the falls.  As we alighted, there were several rooms for rent scattered, mini market and stores, and tents for rent.  The way into the falls is pretty easy as some of the trail has already been cemented due to the frequent tourists visiting the place.  We set our tents up, cooked the food we bought from the nearby market, and dipped into the very cold water of the falls.  By that I mean freezing cold but fresh all the same.  Our teeth were chattering when we emerged from the water but it was refreshing after our dusty ride.  Dusk was fast approaching and campers began to get their camp fires going.  We amused ourselves with conversation and drank-in the solemnity of nature.  There is total stillness and silence and a feeling of unreality which only the mountains provide.  It is enjoyable sitting around with friends beneath the camp fire and feeling the cool earth beneath the tent.  In the middle of the night however, the stars started disappearing and clouds became overcast.  We fear of rain because we were very close to the river and the current is getting pretty strong.  We were also closeted on the other side of the water that we would be trapped in case the strong current rises.  We decided to pack up and rent a room offered at the start of the trail going into the falls.  It was pitch dark and all we have are weak flashlights.  It was a terrifying trek back due to the strong current and because I cannot see much of the trail.  Paranoia also sets in to some as branches everywhere makes a person with an overactive imagination very apprehensive.  We spent the night on one of the rented rooms.  The next morning, we visited the sights around the falls and took pictures.  In a way, it was a nice place because it brings you closer to nature.  However, it has to be better maintained to preserve it and not be destroyed by tourists who frequent the place.  My rating? 5 in a scale of ten being a great place to visit.

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