Sunday, February 27, 2011


What is happening to the world! Everybody is getting married! I say this maybe because it seems that I'm the only one who isn't.  How many women around the world envisioned their perfect wedding? I see my perfect wedding as standing by the beach in my flowing spaghetti-strapped white dress with garlands in my head and white tulips in my hands.  I walk down the aisle to the sound of "Standing Right Next to Me by Karla Bonoff" being sang by the choir and my dream man waiting at the end (probably with tears in his eyes caused by happiness) all the while gazing at me with love in his eyes.  The sun setting in the horizon as the wind carries all my fears, all my disappointments, all the loneliness of the past from my chest.  And voila! that's it.  We live happily ever after.  End of story.  Yeah right, that's not how marriage works.  Marriage is not a one-time choice you make.  You don't just think on it and say "yes" to the proposal and expect everything else to work out because you've already made your choice.  In a marriage, you make choices everyday.  The children are whining,   the house is in shambles,  you meet your gorgeous neighbor,   you suspect your husband is cheating, bills need to be paid and you fall short on cash...  The list goes on and on.  There will always be someone more perfect who will come along.  There will always be an opportunity of a better life that will present itself.  But you make the choice of staying and committing yourself to the marriage.  I have heard a very moving speech on a wedding I attended.  The bride said that she was sure she found the right man because he is her "anyway man."  That no matter what happens, no matter what hurtful things they might say, no matter what imperfection she might see in him,  she loves him "anyway".  That is marriage.  It is committing yourself to the person you love and continuously loving him no matter what.  It is a decision you make everyday through good or bad times.  It is a lifetime choice.

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