Wednesday, February 23, 2011


There are so many places and must-sees in Rizal that I have yet to explore.  One particular visit took me to the
Thunderbird Resort in Rizal which is a few miles outside of Manila. It is a Mediterranean-inspired hotel that isn't really that big but has some of the facilities needed if you're a leisure traveler. They have a casino which is one of its main attractions. Their rooms are quite big and spacious as compared to hotels in Manila and they offer suites with 2 double sized beds. There is also a golf course (east ridge), a driving range, clean pool with a round pool jacuzzi type, a little playground for kids, pool restaurant and free wifi (intermittent connection in the afternoon).  They also serve really great food and breakfast buffet. One thing that separates the staff at Thunderbird was that they were all super hospitable and accommodating. It is a resort that purports first class treatment.  Thumbs up to Thunderbird Resort Rizal.

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