Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Being a tropical country, we often find ourselves craving for some respite from the overwhelming heat, humidity, and pollution of the city.  That is particularly why I've always liked Tagaytay.  Although I love beaches and the surf more, it is nice to visit high atop the mountains without having the tiresome trekking involving mountaineering.  The cool air you get from the high altitude, the food, the serenity, the scenery, and the partying at night makes this place very popular.  One particular day, some friends and I decided to go on an impromptu road trip.  We visited Picnic Grove to check out the zip line.  Although being a short ride, it was very exhilirating and the view was spectacular.  The rush of being strapped on the harness and taking that first step onto the slide is quite memorable.  After the slide, we took the cable car going back.  Aside from the sights, Tagaytay is famous for the exceptional food particularly the Bulalo and the mushroom burger.  Restaurants like Josephine's, Antonio's, Sonya's garden, Bag of beans, Amira, and Viewsite are among my favorites.  In addition, whenever we visit the place, we choose to chill out at Starbucks which offers a great view of Taal atop their terrace seats wherein you sip your coffee with the cold breeze while listening to jazz music...  Very relaxing indeed.  After the slide, we decided to proceed to Calaruega which has been one of the most sought after wedding venues.  It is a church atop a mountainous incline surrounded by colorful flora and fauna in an intimate and serene setting.  We also visited the church of the Pink Sisters from which the nuns wearing pink habits have dedicated ascetical lifestyles and the most angelic singing voices.  There is an altar in that church from which you could leave your written prayers and wishes and from which will be prayed over by the nuns.  When the sun has set and dusk approaches, the night life in Tagaytay comes alive.  People swarm in bars with various popular bands, others go dancing, others spend intimate moments on dinner dates, and others spend all their money in the casinos.  No doubt about it,  Tagaytay is a must see with diverse activities and entertainments.  Done with our road trip, we headed home...  Thinking about the next time we get tired of the city and come back to this great chill out haven.

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