Sunday, February 20, 2011


If you still aren’t in on the secret, there are actually beautiful and cheap beach getaways in Zambales.  Most popular of these islands are the Anawangin Cove and Nagsasa Cove.

We love these beaches because they’re just three to four hours away from Manila, very cheap to go to, great to photograph, not a lot of people know about them which means they’re technically unspoiled, and because they’re just simply beautiful.  Don’t know what to expect from these Zambales getaways?  The more popular among the two, Anawangin Cove is a favorite among campers and mountaineers.  The beach soft, grayish white sand (your feet will sink as you walk along) with dark greenish blue waters (which was not salty at all and tasted like freshwater) and surrounded by palm trees and imposing mountains much like the landscape you see in Switzerland. Waves are usually strong here especially at noon, but we were blessed with calm waters during our visit. There’s an undercurrent here too which is the main culprit for the reported drowning incidents.  However, there are absolutely no facilities in these virgin islands.  No electricity, drinking water, and no signals on cellphones.  You have to be ready with your own supplies if you're planning on staying the night.  If you don’t mind paying a minimal fee though, you can access the area with a makeshift shower and a water pump that you have to share with other vacationers.  You ask me, what is the fuss all about?  The scenery here is not something you’d normally see in the Philippines. The lovely combination of the pristine beach, the lush mountains and the surrounding palm trees create a secluded vibe. Behind the beach is a beautiful lake, which is home to small fishes and which rare birds frequent. Now although less popular than Anawangin since it’s farther, Nagsasa Cove is way more beautiful.  Light blue waters with hints of light green matched with glistening grayish white sand will greet you as you approach the cove. The beach is calm as well, with most parts of it cold. On both sides of the beaches are majestic mountains. A lush forest faces the beach as well, its trees producing a gentle yet whooping descending sound when the wind passes by.  Just like Anawangin, no facilities are to be expected but there are some houses inhabited by locals where you can ask for some kind of assistance.  The scenery is exceptional here too. From the beach, you can see the various mountains surrounding the cove, the clouds overhead adding to the charm of the scenery as they form shadows over the mountains.  An even more beautiful lake is a must-visit here, which provides an exceptional view of a mountain with stunning slopes, an imposing beauty in the seemingly secluded area. As in Anawangin, palm trees dot the area below the mountains providing a beautiful rustic scenery that’s really very unique in our country . The mountain is the center of attention in Nagsasa Lake, in full view, standing in all its glory for vacationers to see.  Anawangin and Nagsasa Coves are best for camping trips since there are no resorts in the area. However, you can stay at nearby resorts in the town of Pundaquit and rent a boat to take you to the beaches.  A getaway filled with fun and relaxation.  You really must try it.

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