Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I never really liked my name that much.  I would have preferred a more feminine name were I given the choice.   But names represent so much more than just words to call you by.  It represents what people would remember of you someday when you have already passed and left your work to be commemorated.  That is why we should work in protecting our names by living a life worth remembering about.

In the movie industry, artists take up screen names so that their name alone has an edge and is noticeable by the public.  I have compiled the real names of  some of the most popular figures in Hollywood, idolized by many and whose names are close to people's hearts.

Lady Gaga = Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta
Jon Bon Jovi = John Francis Bongiovi
Nicholas Cage = Nicholas Coppola
Brad Pitt = William Bradley Pitt
Angelina Jolie = Angelina Jolie Voight
Tom Cruise = Thomas Cruise Mapother IV
Vin Diesel = Mark Vincent
Eminem - Marshall Bruce Mathers III
Sylvester Stallone = Michael Sylvester Enzio Stallone 
Robert Pattinson - Robert Douglas Thomas Pattinson
Mel Gibson - Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson
Shakira - Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll
Woody Allen = Allen Konigsberg
Stevie Wonder = Stevland Morris
Charlie Sheen = Carlos Irwin Estevez
Muhammad Ali = Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.
Julie Andrews = Julia Elizabeth Wells
Tony Bennett = Anthony Benedetto
David Bowie = David Robert Jones
Boy George = George Alan O'Dowd
Cher = Cherilyn Sarkisian
Nat King Cole = Nathaniel Adams Coles
David Copperfield = David Kotkin
Kirk Douglas = Issur Danielovitch
Bob Dylan = Robert Zimmerman
Enya = Eithne Ni Bhraonain
Michael J. Fox = Michael Andrew Fox
Whoopie Goldberg = Caryn Johnson
Cary Grant = Archibald Leach
Hulk Hogan = Terry Gene Bollea
Engelbert Humperdinck = Arnold George Dorsey
Ice Cube = Oshea Jackson
Elton John = Reginald Dwight
Tom Jones = Thomas Woodward
Diane Keaton = Diane Hall
Michael Keaton = Michael Douglas
Chaka Khan = Carole Yvette Marie Stevens
Bruce Lee = Lee Yuen Kam
Courtney Love = Michelle Harrison
Madonna = Madonna Louise Ciccone
Barry Manilow = Barry Alan Pincus
Marilyn Monroe = Norma Jean Mortenson (later Baker)
Chuck Norris = Carlos Ray
Prince = Prince Rogers Nelson
Winona Ryder = Winona Horowitz
Susan Sarandon = Susan Tomaling
Jane Seymour = Joyce Frankenberg
Sting = Gordon Sumner
Tina Turner = Annie Mae Bullock
The Undertaker = Mark Calloway
Sigourney Weaver = Susan Alexandra Weaver

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Yawn!  Yawn!  Yawn!  Yawn!  Yawn!  Yawn!  Yawn!  Yawn!  Yawn!  Yawn!

Try reading those words over and over or watching the images of yawning for a while and you'll find yourself yawning as well.  What is the reason behind that?  There have been so many discoveries of today causing technological advances and yet a simple thing as a yawn still baffles the most renowned scientists.  What is a yawn?  Yawning is said to be the body's way of controlling brain temperature so that we can think better.  The brain is said to cool down due to an influx or outflux of oxygen that yawning provides.  Sleep deprivation can also raise body and brain temperature so there can be a connection between yawning and sleepiness. That is maybe why a cold shower also alleviates yawning.  Others claim that it is caused by chemicals in the brain that affect emotions, appetite, and other phenomena.  However, what explains the contagious effects of yawning?  When you see somebody yawn, see pictures of yawning, or even read the word yawn, you have the involuntary impulse to yawn as well.  Nobody has ever fully explained the cause of yawning as being infectious.  Some say yawning may have evolved in early man as a way of signal to set up sleep schedules or it may be some kind of thought process that signals the brain to yawn.  Recent research however, suggests that it indicates the emphatic ability in appreciation of other people's behavioral and physiological state.    Whatever reason, yawning is very relaxing and it gives us a feeling of happiness and contentedness.  Come to think of it, maybe this is also a very effective way for very tired mothers struggling to put their little devils to sleep.  So go ahead and yawn to your heart's content.  Or should I say to your brain's content?  Hope I have not made you yawn too much while reading this though. =)


Have you ever experienced sneezing while your eyes remain open?  I would guess not.  This is because the eyelid muscles along with the chest muscles, diaphragm, muscles on your vocal cords, and muscles at the back of your throat are the ones who work together to form the sneeze.  In the early days, sneezing was believed to be a means for the body to drive out evil spirits.  Now however, we know better.  Sneezing is a reflex that expels mucus containing foreign particles and cleansing the nasal cavity.  It is a convulsive expulsion of air from the lungs through the nose and mouth.  It may also be triggered by a full stomach or a viral infection that can very well lead to the spread of disease.  In addition, it may also be triggered by the sudden exposure to bright light.  About 1 out of every 3 people are called photic sneezers.  This is an inherited trait and these people are more sensitive to light which ultimately triggers their sneeze.  Isn't it irritating when you feel the need to sneeze but then suddenly lose it?  Why not try to face the sunlight next time and maybe that may solve your problem.  It is also a common misconception that the heart stops when we sneeze.  It really doesn't but it just feels like our heart changes beat because pressure is created which may alter the intensity of its beats.  The longest attack of sneezing that has been documented was that of Donna Griffiths from England who sneezed for 977 days from 1981 to 1983.  Now, would you not be grateful for your "occasional" sneeze?

Did Man Really Land on the Moon?

Looking through the vastness of the heavens, one can't help but feel very insignificant.  But then I think that mankind has been able to land on the moon, and it becomes quite real and gives me
hope that we are one step closer into unraveling the mysteries of the universe.  But is it real? Did man really land on the moon?  On May 16, 1990, Ralph Rene, a 47 year old American from New Jersey, became obssessed after watching the footage of man on the moon.  "How can the flag be fluttering when there's no wind on the atmosphere-free moon?"  He investigated Apollo moon landings, NASA films, photos and reports and reached an astonishing conclusion...  America had never put man on the moon.  It was the conspiracy to end all conspiracy theories.  It was said to have started on 1961, when Russia was leading the space race leaving a panicked America behind causing President Kennedy to propose to put a man on the moon and secured that plan with 40 billion dollars.  Seven Apollo ships headed to the moon, with Apollo 13 being the only one who had not made it.  The only proof according to Rene that these ships landed on the moon were the known rocks which could have been created through a lab, the TV footage wherein NASA did not provide direct link up that networks had to film it from a TV screen in Houston (so that nobody could examine it says Rene), and the photos which were perfectly exposed and sharply focused.  Not a single shot was blurry or badly composed as one would expect with the astraunauts' conditions and unaffected by intense cosmic radiation on the moon.  This last proof was also examined by award winning photographer David Persey and he claimed that the shadows on the photos could have only been created by powerful spotlights.  But then, the only light source on the moon was the sun.  They also said that the American flag and the words "United States" were also always brightly lit when everything around it were in shadow, and the still pictures do not match the film footage although they were shot at the same time.  There were also the questions regarding the walls of the Lunar landers that took the astraunauts from the spaceship into the moon.  It was said that the walls were not sufficient to protect humans from radiation and that the astraunauts should have been fried from such exposure.  There were so many more allegations that given their evidence, actually boggles the mind.  If these allegations are proven true, it would only mean that man never landed on the moon.  Either way, these testimonies inspires sorrow.  Because whether man really landed on the moon or not, it shows man's greed, destructiveness and constant need for power.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Harana (Serenade)

We Filipinos are conservative when it comes to wooing.  Basically, the guy still initiates the suyuan, an old fine tagalog word that indicates a man's declaration of his love by overt action,verbal or otherwise.  Usually it's non-verbal - singing, glancing or stealing glances, services - and indirect.  However, Filipino men have evolved in their wooing ways.  You seldom, probably never, see a modern Filipino man standing by a girl's window singing to her as you would in the olden times. Even the song "Harana by Parokya ni Edgar" narrates how nervous a common man is these days to serenade a girl they really like.  That was why my attention was captured a while ago, as I was watching an advertisement on the television about this highly ingenius business.  The HARANA.PH .  It is a professional serenade and surprise service in the Philippines which allows clients to send the traditional "harana" in memorable and creative ways.  The client may choose seasoned  artists to visit their loved ones on location and serenade them.(although, seasoned artists may cost much more compared to their regular performers).  They also cater to occasions like weddings and birthdays.  The regular package would include 2-3 songs, a message to be read by the artist, a special gift, and the instrumentalists and event organization.  Every event would also be recorded on video to document all the memorable moments.  Prices start from $125 and would also vary depending on the clients' preferences on how the serenade would be enacted.  Imagine how romantic it would be to be sent a "serenade" by your guy or to propose to your girlfriend in this very unique way and even have your "idols" singing your songs. So guys out there... Let's go back memory lane and take a lesson from our ancestors on how to really "woo" a woman.  Spice up your relationship and give your loved one the meaningful celebration they deserve.

The World's Worst Prophecies

I would like to share with you these predictions that I read about somewhere which quite amazed me.  They are about highly influential people/organizations that had helped shape our world as we know it today.  It would make you realize that you never really know what fate has in store for you.
1)  Theoretically, television may be feasible, but I consider it an impossibility! A development       which we should waste little time dreaming about.
- Lee de Forest, 1926, inventor of the cathode ray tube

2)   I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.
- Thomas J. Watson, 1943, Chairman of the Board of IBM

3)   It doesn't matter what he does, he will never amount to anything.
- Albert Einstein's teacher to his father, 1895

4)  It will be years - not in my time - before a woman will become Prime Minister.
- Margaret Thatcher, 1974

5)   This 'telephone' has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us.
- Western Union internal memo, 1876

6)   We don't like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out.
- Decca Recording Co. rejecting the Beatles, 1962

7)   Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?
- H. M. Warner, Warner Brothers, 1927

8)   640K ought to be enough for anybody.
- Bill Gates, 1981

9)   Louis Pasteur's theory of germs is ridiculous fiction.
- Pierre Pachet, Professor of Physiology at Toulouse, 1872

10)   Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons.
- Popular Mechanics, forecasting the relentless march of science, 1949

11)   We don't need you. You haven't got through college yet.
- Hewlett-Packard's rejection of Steve Jobs, who went on to found Apple Computers

12)   King George II said in 1773 that the American colonies had little stomach for revolution.

13)   An official of the White Star Line, speaking of the firm's newly built flagship, the Titanic, launched in 1912, declared that the ship was unsinkable.

14)  In 1939 The New York Times said the problem of TV was that people had to glue their eyes to a screen, and that the average American wouldn't have time for it.

15)  An English astronomy professor said in the early 19th century that air travel at high speed would be impossible because passengers would suffocate.

16)   Airplanes are interesting toys, but they have no military value.
- Marshal Ferdinand Foch in 1911

17)   With over 50 foreign cars already on sale here, the Japanese auto industry isn't likely to carve out a big slice of the U.S. market.
- Business Week, 1958

18)   Whatever happens, the U.S. Navy is not going to be caught napping.
- Frank Knox, U.S. Secretary of the Navy, on December 4, 1941

19)   Stocks have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau.
- Irving Fisher, Professor of Economics, Yale University, October 16, 1929.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Philadephia Experiment - Cover Up?

I am a sucker to mysteries, myths, and the unsolved..  That is why I became very interested with the story of the "Philadephia Experiment" also referred to as "Project Rainbow".  The experiment was an attempt by the US Navy during the WWII to create a ship (U.S.S Eldridge) that could not be detected by radar and invisible to enemy detection.  The plan was to generate massive electromagnetic fields which would bend light and radio waves around the ship, making it invisible to enemy observers.  It was said that the experiment was tried on animals that caused death and deep burns and despite it, the US Navy still proceeded to try it on humans.

The day of the experiment, The electromagnetic field generators were turned on and the U.S.S. Eldridge became nearly invisible.  Everything was fine for the first few seconds, but in a blinding blue flash, the ship completely vanished.  Within seconds it reappeared hundreds of miles away in Norfolk, Virginia and was seen for several minutes.  It disappeared from Norfolk as mysteriously as it had arrived, and reappeared back in Philadelphia Naval Yard. What begun as an experiment in electronic camouflage, ended up as an accidental teleportation of an entire ship and crew to a distant location and back again in a matter of minutes.  However, when they examined the ship, most of the crew were violently sick, missing, and five men were said to be found fused to the metal within the ship’s structure.  According to legend, most of the crew members eventually went insane, but a few retained their sanity only to face further situations. One man sat down to dinner with his wife and child, but then got up from the table, walked through the wall, and was never seen again. Two other sailors were also said to have simply disappeared into thin air and never seen again. Another crew member vanished in the middle of a fight, shocking his opponent. All of these incidents are said to have had witnesses.  Another side effect was of the men getting ‘stuck’ and unable to move or interact with anyone for long periods of time.  According to specialists, this phenomena was said to be a hoax and there is not much information found that isn’t tainted with doubt and speculation. There were 2 main witnesses who claimed the occurence of these events. One committed suicide (Carlos Miguele Allende) and the other was deemed unfit (Al Bielek).

Could any of this have actually occurred? What really happened in Philadelphia on 1943? Has the US government been lying all these years about their technological capabilities and how they have been using them? The questions and mysteries remain...

Friday, March 4, 2011


 It is very liberating to be able to express yourself through your work.  More so if you could capture those emotions and relate it to your audience.  A good photograph is not only looked at - but looked into.  In my opinion, I think a photography class should be a requirement in all educational programs because it makes you see the world rather than just look at it.  A photograph is memory in the raw.  I am an amateur in photography and planning to pursue learning more about it.  So that when words become unclear...  I shall focus with photographs...  =)


Even with our advanced technologies, the human brain remains an enigma.  Countless phenomena are still unexplained, and one of these are dreams.  Dreams are one of life's most fascinating and intriguing mysteries.  The stuff of legends, myth, and scriptures.  There are different beliefs as to what dreams are. Some say they are voices from beyond and others say it is your own soul communicating with you.  Specialists see it as one's own subconscious mind aiding his conscious mind to go through the events of his life.  Dreams are vehicles from which your mind communicates ideas, warnings and health issues. Dreams are very efficient.  They can address multiple issues all in one story line.  They may warn you of health dangers, predict the future, point out personality flaws, or solve a current problem.  I have listed some of the most common characters in our dreams and their meanings according to dream specialists.  Just bear in mind that your own perceptions of your dreams always take precedence over any definition.

1) animals - They symbolize our own traits, good and bad.  When you see an animal in your dreams, it usually represents a bad trait as it is far easier for us to accept and watch an animal doing something negative than to take credit for it ourselves.

2) automobiles/vehicles - It usually reflects the direction you are heading in life or your body.  The condition of the vehicle might give you an idea of your health.  Therefore, flying a jet in the sky with a song in your heart would be a rather good dream.  =)

3) children - A child represents something new, different, and joyous.  A child may represent a new phase in your life or a new project as well.  It may also symbolize innocent parts of one's self.

4) clothing - When you get into different moods, you tend to choose different clothing.  For this reason, clothing symbolizes your mood or state of mind.  It may also reflect your attitude. Take note of what you or the other people in your dream are wearing and you would get more clues as to the dream's meaning.

5) death - Any dream that refers to dying or funerals pertain to change.  The change is usually dramatic and major or can be changes in your life attitude and emotional balance. It may also symbolize confronting fear and threat.

6) buildings - These usually points directly to a specific area of your life.  Dreaming of being in an office may pertain to your working environment.  A bathroom may point to your general health and hygiene and the kitchen in your eating and nutrition.  To dream of your childhood house however, tends to be a reflection of your life today.  A dream of chaos in your childhood can indicate great disturbances in your life either now, or soon.

7) people - People in dreams most commonly reflect important aspects of your personality.  These traits are the ones you should enhance or eliminate.  You should ask yourself what traits you like and dislike in the characters you dream about and look for those traits in yourself.  You might be surprised to find a match up.

If you want to read more about dreams, visit DREAM SITE

Sweet dreams everyone! =)

Are you single?

Are you single?  The start of the year can be somewhat of a downer if you’re lonely and looking for love. Must I be reminded that I still don’t have a ring on my finger or someone to make vacation plans with?! While you might be the most fabulous single girl on the block, we all have our moments of insecurity when we wish there was a guy around to warm up those cold nights. With the start of the year, however, maybe it’s time to stop sulking and start showing off how amazing you are, single or not. In fact, it is the perfect time to turn inward, pay attention to your own needs, and act with class and confidence. Out with the old, in with the new.  It’s time to toss away those self-defeating habits and try on some new, more affirming attitudes and behaviors. This goes for your dating style as well as all other areas of your life. Are you hoping to meet a nice guy but only hang around at trashy clubs or dive bars? Want to get in shape but still haven’t signed up for that gym membership? You can’t make room for the things you want until you give up the things that aren’t working. Take action to try something different even if you end up failing. Moreover, go out and spend more time with other singles.  Sure, you adore your married best friends and happily attached co-workers, but do you have enough single cronies in your life? Whether we want to admit it or not, singles and non-singles can lead very different lifestyles. It can be affirming and empowering to have other unattached gal pals to bond with when everyone else is having date night.   Finally, you must do what you do.  You’ve heard this before, but it merits repeating.  Go live your life for you! One of the greatest things about being single is the freedom. After all, your married pals probably can’t skip town for the weekend or study abroad in Spain for the summer without factoring in a husband or boyfriend. This really is the time to indulge your every wild dream and tiniest guilty pleasure. Once a man arrives on the scene, compromise becomes your mantra.   Since nothing is more important than you, give your single life some props and just be your fabulous self. The added bonus? No man can resist a confident, self-sufficient, and optimistic woman. Maybe the saying that you find love when you stop looking for it is true after all.


This is the most hilarious series that I just loooove to watch over and over.  It is set in New York City and chronicled the lives of six best friends as they went through the ups and downs of romance and career from the confines of their local coffee shop and some pretty fabulous Manhattan apartments.  What differentiated it from other sitcoms and made it a bonafide hit was the unique chemistry of its cast.  The neurotic clean freak Monica (Courtney Cox), her endearingly hangdog brother Ross (David Schwimmer),  the none-too-bright actor-wannabe Joey (Matt LeBlanc), the sarcastic computer programmer Chandler (Matthew Perry), the new-age free spirit Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), and the reformed spoiled rich girl whose influential fashion sense launched a thousand hairstyles Rachel (Jennifer Aniston).  Every line and quip really tickles one's funny bone.  Thumbs up to the cast and crew of Friends!

Greys Anatomy

One of my favorite TV series.  The main character Meredith, started off as a first year surgical intern at Seattle Grace Hospital, the toughest surgical residency program west of Harvard.  She and fellow first year interns Christina Yang, Izzie Stevens, George O'Malley and Alex Karev were students yesterday...  Today they were doctors.  And in a world where the job training can be a matter of life and death, they are all juggling the ups and downs of thier own personal lives.  The five interns struggle to form friendships in this most stressful and competitive atmosphere.  It is a very inspiring program that makes you laugh, cry, and sigh.  I for one, cannot get enough of it.  It makes you learn so much more about medicine, surgeons, and life in totality.

Imposing moral standards on others

When we impose that others must conform to our idea of what is right and acceptable, we only show that we ourselves are unsure of our own principles.  Someone who is sure of himself allows others to be themselves.  Every person has his own ideology and it is plain arrogance to surmise that our own belief is the only appropriate alternative.  Being unstable in character causes a person to prop himself up and force others into his mold.  You learn more when you look into other perspectives and even develop yours in the process.  In a relationship, you don't demand that your partner must be a carbon copy of yourself.  After all, you don't get harmony when everybody sings the same note.


I've had this passion for writing ever since I can remember and I sometimes wonder what's inside people's heads if not stories?  Writers literally create new worlds from scratch.  Our aim is not to copy actuality but to modify and recreate our sense of it. Like actors, a writer invites a reader to watch a performance in his own brain.  For me, writing is exploration and  it often suprises me on where the journey takes me.  I have also come to realize that writing is the most direct contact possible with the part of myself I thought I had lost, and which I constantly find new things from.  Through it I can speak about things that are important to me and somebody listens.  My purpose in writing is to entertain myself first and other people secondly.  There are so many things in this world and so many things to write about.  Writing is only boring to people who are probably boring themselves.  Or maybe, it is a cop-out...  An excuse to live perpetually in fantasy land, where you can create and watch the products of your own head.  Be that as it may, the reason one writes is not the fact that he wants to say something.  One writes because he has something to say.


I learned how to play billiards while in school, ironically, while I was NOT in classes.  It is a sport recently becoming more and more popular in the Philippines especially after the continuous victories of international players Efren "Bata" Reyes and Francisco "Jango" Bustamante.  Their legendary wins prompted many Filipinos both young and old to play billiards.  There are three main types of billiards: carom billiards, pocket billiards (also known as pool), and snooker. Carom billiards is played with three balls, a cue ball and two object balls, on a pocketless table; scoring is by caroms only, i.e., by causing the cue ball to strike the object balls in specified ways. Pocket billiards is played with 15 object balls and a cue ball on a table with six pockets; the essential object of the game is to cause the object balls to enter the pockets. Snooker is similar to pocket billiards, except that it uses 21 object balls and smaller pockets.  In earlier days, it is considered as a man's sport since billiard tables are most oftenly found on bars and men's clubs.  Recently however, more women are involved with the game and in fact in fair competition with men.  It just takes a steady hand, strategy, and geometry familiarity in order to play this very enjoyable game. 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Art of Being Alone

Many people abhor being alone.  They get easily bored and they try to find something better to do with their time.  Most people even avoid eating out alone since it may prompt pity from others that you are someone who cannot find anyone to eat with.  But being alone is sometimes a rare gift especially in this noisy crowded world.  We must learn how to relax and tune-in to our inner selves.  Certain people find special happiness just sitting alone in a park, walking alone by the beach, or having coffee alone in a shop.  I admit I am one of those people.  Although I do love parties and crowds, I find it soothing to be by myself at times, assessing life and basically thinking about things that have come to pass or things that are yet to happen.  It is in these solitary moments that we can reexamine ourselves and replenish our inner strengths. 

Thinking = cooking?

Thinking is like cooking.  Sometimes you turn up the heat to expedite cooking but in the end, the food is not as flavorful as it was supposed to be.  Many dishes taste better after long, slow cooking.  Therefore,  whenever you are faced with a problem, it is better to let it "simmer"in your subconscious for a while and go about your normal activities.  Stressing yourself to come up with answers on the spot may work at times, but it can become quite exhausting.  Turn to your subconscious mind for help.  Like a stove in low flame, you can place your problem and finish the "cooking" process more effectively.  Many scientists and artists made their best work and discoveries while doing daily mundane tasks like while on a bath, taking a hike, or just somewhere else other than the desk.  So cook it up, take a break, and find the answers.

Does he like me or is he just being nice?

Every person and situation may be different, but there are some universal signs to know if a guy really likes you or if he's just plain nice.
He stares at you.  If you find him looking your way, see if he's really staring at you or merely looking your way, or maybe cross-eyed.  Maybe he's a credit investigator or something.  Try to find out.
He asks personal questions.  Asking the time or the date does not count unless he asks several times in an hour.  If he asks questions like, "What do you like for your birthday?" or "Are you looking for a boyfriend now?" it could be a sign, unless he has a geeky brother and you could be in for a set-up.
He compliments you.  If he says, "You remind me of my mother", take it as a compliment unless he hates his mother, in which case he may have emotional problems.  When he says, "You don't need to diet, you look great", especially if you're 4'11 and 200 lbs, then it's a significant compliment.
He does extra helpful things.  If he helps you finish your sandwiches, think again.  Maybe he's only interested in your sandwich.  However, if you needed to submit a report and he doesn't mind working until 3am and still has to go home in a shanty town where you get shot for smiling, then this guy is not just in love...  He's crazy. 
And you're crazier for not knowing he likes you.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dieting makes you dumb?

Dieting makes your thinking less than razor sharp, according to the Institute of Food Research Laboratory in England.  Researchers took a group of healthy women who were trying to shed a few pounds and tested their mental quickness on tasks like hitting a button in response to certain words.  On the days they were dieting, the women performed worse than they did when they were not.  Why?  The reasons are said to be psychological.  You're worried about losing weight right away and it consumes a lot of energy and mental space.  Researchers, however, say that once you get used to the diet, your normal "smarts" should return.

Chris Medina in American Idol...

I heard about this story from a friend who is a fan of American Idol.  This video is of Chris Medina, a contestant with a great voice but a tragic story.  A story that inspired me to believe that real love and commitment do exist.  Chris has been with his girl Julia for 6 years and were engaged to be married until two months before their wedding, when Julia had a car accident that left her with a traumatic brain injury.  They even had the video of his proposal at Starbucks where Julia had worked.  After the accident, everything changed.  But Chris went on with the engagement, stuck by her side and became, as her mother related, her number one caregiver.  In interviews, Chris quotes, "I was about to make vows just two months from the accident – through thick and thin, 'til death do us part, for better or worse," he said. "What kind of guy would I be if I walked out when she needed me the most?". Touched and inspired like everybody else of his story, Rodney Jerkins wrote a song for him entitled What Are Words . It is a powerful song about making promises and fulfilling them, about telling someone you love that you’ll be there and having them be able to count on you because you said it. Because the words that you say really mean something.

What would you do if you were in his position?  It takes great love and faith to continue fighting.

"The night has a thousand eyes, And the day but one; Yet the light of the bright world dies, With the dying sun. The mind has a thousand eyes, And the heart but one; Yet the light of a whole life dies, When love is done."