Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Did Man Really Land on the Moon?

Looking through the vastness of the heavens, one can't help but feel very insignificant.  But then I think that mankind has been able to land on the moon, and it becomes quite real and gives me
hope that we are one step closer into unraveling the mysteries of the universe.  But is it real? Did man really land on the moon?  On May 16, 1990, Ralph Rene, a 47 year old American from New Jersey, became obssessed after watching the footage of man on the moon.  "How can the flag be fluttering when there's no wind on the atmosphere-free moon?"  He investigated Apollo moon landings, NASA films, photos and reports and reached an astonishing conclusion...  America had never put man on the moon.  It was the conspiracy to end all conspiracy theories.  It was said to have started on 1961, when Russia was leading the space race leaving a panicked America behind causing President Kennedy to propose to put a man on the moon and secured that plan with 40 billion dollars.  Seven Apollo ships headed to the moon, with Apollo 13 being the only one who had not made it.  The only proof according to Rene that these ships landed on the moon were the known rocks which could have been created through a lab, the TV footage wherein NASA did not provide direct link up that networks had to film it from a TV screen in Houston (so that nobody could examine it says Rene), and the photos which were perfectly exposed and sharply focused.  Not a single shot was blurry or badly composed as one would expect with the astraunauts' conditions and unaffected by intense cosmic radiation on the moon.  This last proof was also examined by award winning photographer David Persey and he claimed that the shadows on the photos could have only been created by powerful spotlights.  But then, the only light source on the moon was the sun.  They also said that the American flag and the words "United States" were also always brightly lit when everything around it were in shadow, and the still pictures do not match the film footage although they were shot at the same time.  There were also the questions regarding the walls of the Lunar landers that took the astraunauts from the spaceship into the moon.  It was said that the walls were not sufficient to protect humans from radiation and that the astraunauts should have been fried from such exposure.  There were so many more allegations that given their evidence, actually boggles the mind.  If these allegations are proven true, it would only mean that man never landed on the moon.  Either way, these testimonies inspires sorrow.  Because whether man really landed on the moon or not, it shows man's greed, destructiveness and constant need for power.

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