Monday, March 7, 2011

Harana (Serenade)

We Filipinos are conservative when it comes to wooing.  Basically, the guy still initiates the suyuan, an old fine tagalog word that indicates a man's declaration of his love by overt action,verbal or otherwise.  Usually it's non-verbal - singing, glancing or stealing glances, services - and indirect.  However, Filipino men have evolved in their wooing ways.  You seldom, probably never, see a modern Filipino man standing by a girl's window singing to her as you would in the olden times. Even the song "Harana by Parokya ni Edgar" narrates how nervous a common man is these days to serenade a girl they really like.  That was why my attention was captured a while ago, as I was watching an advertisement on the television about this highly ingenius business.  The HARANA.PH .  It is a professional serenade and surprise service in the Philippines which allows clients to send the traditional "harana" in memorable and creative ways.  The client may choose seasoned  artists to visit their loved ones on location and serenade them.(although, seasoned artists may cost much more compared to their regular performers).  They also cater to occasions like weddings and birthdays.  The regular package would include 2-3 songs, a message to be read by the artist, a special gift, and the instrumentalists and event organization.  Every event would also be recorded on video to document all the memorable moments.  Prices start from $125 and would also vary depending on the clients' preferences on how the serenade would be enacted.  Imagine how romantic it would be to be sent a "serenade" by your guy or to propose to your girlfriend in this very unique way and even have your "idols" singing your songs. So guys out there... Let's go back memory lane and take a lesson from our ancestors on how to really "woo" a woman.  Spice up your relationship and give your loved one the meaningful celebration they deserve.

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