Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Yawn!  Yawn!  Yawn!  Yawn!  Yawn!  Yawn!  Yawn!  Yawn!  Yawn!  Yawn!

Try reading those words over and over or watching the images of yawning for a while and you'll find yourself yawning as well.  What is the reason behind that?  There have been so many discoveries of today causing technological advances and yet a simple thing as a yawn still baffles the most renowned scientists.  What is a yawn?  Yawning is said to be the body's way of controlling brain temperature so that we can think better.  The brain is said to cool down due to an influx or outflux of oxygen that yawning provides.  Sleep deprivation can also raise body and brain temperature so there can be a connection between yawning and sleepiness. That is maybe why a cold shower also alleviates yawning.  Others claim that it is caused by chemicals in the brain that affect emotions, appetite, and other phenomena.  However, what explains the contagious effects of yawning?  When you see somebody yawn, see pictures of yawning, or even read the word yawn, you have the involuntary impulse to yawn as well.  Nobody has ever fully explained the cause of yawning as being infectious.  Some say yawning may have evolved in early man as a way of signal to set up sleep schedules or it may be some kind of thought process that signals the brain to yawn.  Recent research however, suggests that it indicates the emphatic ability in appreciation of other people's behavioral and physiological state.    Whatever reason, yawning is very relaxing and it gives us a feeling of happiness and contentedness.  Come to think of it, maybe this is also a very effective way for very tired mothers struggling to put their little devils to sleep.  So go ahead and yawn to your heart's content.  Or should I say to your brain's content?  Hope I have not made you yawn too much while reading this though. =)

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