Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Certain Kind of Sadness

A sad and twisted thought
Came upon my mind
Something so sadistic
That should be left behind
I thought about those
Who have died so soon
And of what I was doing
That day they met their doom
And I thought about myself
About my problems and my tears
Living with all my pain
And my tormented fears
And I noticed something
Something that didn't seem right
Something that makes one cry
And makes you shiver in the night
Everytime you smile
Another child cries
Everytime you're happy
Another person dies
When everything is going right
When it's the best day of your life
Someone out there has had enough
And is picking up that knife
Everytime you have someone
Another person is alone
Everytime you feel loved
Another child is on their own
When your parents are hugging you
And showering you with kisses
Some child out there is being beaten
By parents who are making death wishes
Everytime you see the light
Another child only sees the dark
Everytime you are healthy
Another person cuts a fresh mark
So remember this and be grateful
The next time you have a good day
Because another someone, somewhere out there
May be dying in some way.

One of a kind

How cool is this?  Only 7 people in the world have this type of eyes and skin tone.  Beautiful.

only 7 people in the world have these type of eyes and this skin tone <3
this is beautiful.

Our Twilight

I abhor the twilight
With its murky shadows and cold obscure moon
I dread the night
When the sun I cannot see
And its breeze with a promise of gloom
I cannot fly nor can I see
The sky turns as black as death
Blind and listless, struggling to be free
Choking through its depth
You came through the haze
Like a panther, moving stealthily
You enveloped me in thine embrace
Consolingly... Soothingly...
Breathing words of warmth and solace
You made me see through the dusk
Now these fears I could face
I finally saw through the mask
You taught me, enlightened me
The sun sets to rise again
Now I wait anticipatingly
For the coming light to set in
Waiting for the day anew
I basked in the warmth of twilight
For it was because of you
I have grown to love the night...

Cherished Goal

It's been a while since I've posted something here. It's been crazy at work.  Right now I've found the time to think and wonder how my life has been.  Have you ever asked yourself, "What the heck am I here for?" You go through life day by day, striving for things that may or may not be yours for the taking. Maybe it's mid-life crisis, but I've been spending much time these past months thinking of the things that I've missed, and things that I should still do to tell myself that I, indeed, have LIVED. People do different things to have that feeling of accomplishment. I have this friend who made a list of everything she must accomplish before facing the big 3-0. Brazilian wax, nude photoshoot, silent retreat, bunjee jumping, sky diving, scuba diving, etc.  These may not be great feats for others but for a simple girl, means a lot.  I do not have a concrete list, nor do I hope to accomplish these physical things.  I am an ordinary girl and I know the practical limitations of my life. Therefore, I do not have dreamy and impractical ambitions. However, there has always been a void -- always something that is missing -- that even at the peak of your success or happiness in life, there is that certain part of you that is unfulfilled.  Maybe what I yearn for, as most people do, are things that would say that you mattered.  That for the length of your existence in this world, you made a difference.  To aid people in need and leave my mark on their lives. I only pray to God that my desire be fulfilled and that I become competent enough to act up to the cherished goal of my life -- selfless service to the suffering humanity.