Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Our Twilight

I abhor the twilight
With its murky shadows and cold obscure moon
I dread the night
When the sun I cannot see
And its breeze with a promise of gloom
I cannot fly nor can I see
The sky turns as black as death
Blind and listless, struggling to be free
Choking through its depth
You came through the haze
Like a panther, moving stealthily
You enveloped me in thine embrace
Consolingly... Soothingly...
Breathing words of warmth and solace
You made me see through the dusk
Now these fears I could face
I finally saw through the mask
You taught me, enlightened me
The sun sets to rise again
Now I wait anticipatingly
For the coming light to set in
Waiting for the day anew
I basked in the warmth of twilight
For it was because of you
I have grown to love the night...

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